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This essentials pack includes the Medela Swing electric breast pump, Calma feeding device, Quick Clean bag, Pump & Save bags, disposable bra pads and Purelan100 nipple cream.

The award-winning Swing single breastpump features Medela's two-phase technology, which mimics your baby's natural sucking behaviour and promotes gentle but efficient expressing. The pump motor is also quiet, allowing you to express more discreetly. The Calma feeding device provides a natural-feeling alternative to breastfeeding, and allows the milk to flow only when baby is sucking.

Also included are absorbent breast pads, which are designed to fit the shape of your bra and stay secure with adhesive tape, Quick Clean microwave bags for quick steam sterilising, and Pump and Save breastmilk bags to allow you to express directly into the bags to store your breastmilk. The pre-sterilised Pump and Save bags feature an easy to use no-leak zip fastening and a sturdy stand-up bottom, and take up less space in your fridge or freezer than bottles. The bags are also designed from a food-grade material that keeps moisture and air away from the contents, protecting the nutrients in your expressed milk.

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